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Prayer for Law Enforcement

Changing Your City is thankful for all those who serve in the various branches of law enforcement. Because of your

dedication to uphold the rule of law, we are indebted to you. You willingly put your life on the line to keep us safe and free from danger from those who seek to kill, steal and destroy. We have created the following prayer especially for you. Within it lies the power to keep you and law-abiding people safe.

About CYC

Our mission is to “mobilize Christians to unleash the power of peace to change their city.” This is exactly what will happen when you speak out our prayer before starting your shift. You will be unleashing the power of peace!

The Lord has given you peace to use as a weapon to combat all forms of hate, aggression and violence. As an officer of the peace, unleashing this peace can protect you and go before you in every circumstance you face.

About This Prayer

Peace is found over 400 times in the Bible. In John 14, Jesus gave you His peace with the hope that you would use it to gain and maintain victory over your life and society. Most Christians aren’t aware that they can unleash Jesus’ peace to influence and cause change to establish His ways in society — but they can!

This is why we are making our prayer available to you. It focuses on three main scriptures that can be unleashed through you to keep you safe and to change your city!

  1. Peace can clam any storm of adversity (Mark 4:39).
  2. Peace has the capacity to break down dividing walls of hostility existing between people (Ephesians 2:14).
  3. Peace acts like an umpire, having the authority to influence all manner of decisions people make (Colossians 2:15)

Benefits To Praying This Prayer

As a Christian, you have been been given authority and the potential to bring your city from darkness into His light. As an officer of the law, every time you put on your uniform and start your shift, pray this prayer out loud and His peace will become a shield around you, giving you wisdom, and protecting you and those you serve.

How To Pray This Prayer

  • Instead of reading the prayer like reading a book, speak it out loud. In Genesis 1, God did not create the world by thinking about it — He used words (Genesis 1 and Hebrews 11:3). Speaking out words is what changes things.

  • This Prayer For Your City unleashes the power of peace. That’s a spiritual reality! As a result, you can have great confidence that things are changing, whether you can see them or not.

The Prayer

Speak this prayer out loud every time you start your shift:

Jesus, You are the Prince of Peace. Thank You for calling me to be an officer of Your Peace. Because of the authority You’ve given me, I unleash the power of peace over this city. As I begin my shift, I thank You for keeping me, my family, fellow officers and city safe.

Thank You that:

  • Your Peace is going before me to calm every situation that seeks to kill, steal and bring division in this city.
  • You promised to personally break down dividing walls of hostility between people in this city.
  • Your Peace acts like an umpire, which can help people to make godly decisions.

Holy Spirit, thank You for going before me to lead, guide, protect and open my eyes to clearly see the root cause of every situation I encounter.

In Jesus’ Name — Amen!