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Jim DeLong

Jim’s Bio

Jim has been in ministry since 1976, during which time he has traveled to many nations. He has had an extensive ministry in music, been on pastoral staff of three churches, the administrator of a Christian school, a ministry consultant, a national clinician and a commissioner on the city of Fort Worth’s Human Relations Commission. Jim also has a master’s degree in organizational leadership

Jim touches lives with a message of hope and faith: a hope that communicates that God has a bright future for all believers and a message of faith that nothing is impossible to those who believe.

Jim lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife, Jean. They have two sons, along with their wives and four grandchildren.

A Note From Jim

Why Changing Your City?

For many years, there was something specific in ministry I sensed the Lord wanted me to be involved in, but spiritually it wasn’t clicking. Have you ever felt that way? In July 2017, I finally spoke to the Lord about it. I let go of my dreams and plans and let Him know I’d do anything He wanted me to do. I purposed to wait as long as it would take to hear from Him and get His direction. To my surprise it only took a few minutes for Him to respond! He told me to “go to the city council meetings and pray,” so that’s what I did.

Little did I know the journey He was leading me on!

Just One Step

I have always been vision and goal oriented. The Lord would give me a vision and I’d go for it – step by step. This time it was totally different – there was no goal, just one step. I had no idea what was next. This approach was totally foreign to me. I knew I had to make a shift in my mindset. At first it was very uncomfortable and unnerving – I was used to having a plan and following it. It felt like I was freefalling without a parachute! I resolved to rest in Him, knowing that He knows what lies ahead and has my best in mind.

An interesting thing began to happen on the inside. I came to a place of rest and not being concerned about the future. I was to stay the course of praying for the city. I knew I was doing what the Lord wanted me to do and I came to be content and satisfied with it. To me this became not a step – but a destination.

Then the Lord asked me to take more steps. Some of these steps were to speak at the council meetings, turn in various papers, attend the council work sessions, and attend and pray at the city’s Task Force on Race and Culture meetings and events.

During this time, the Lord was teaching me how to pray for a city and how Christians should take a stand for godliness in the governmental arena. He was also developing within me an understanding and a vision on how believers can use a specific prayer to change their cities.

The Lord then asked me to mobilize Christians to unleash the power of peace to change their cities, which lead to the start of Changing Your City. I envision the Holy Spirit moving in your heart and in the the hearts of multitudes of Christians across the United States and other nations to bring a return to God and His ways.

My hope is that as you look over this website, the Holy Spirit will stir deep within you a desire to become a part of what God is doing through Changing Your City, and to be a greater influence with countless other Christians by praying our Prayer For Your City.

May you experience His Presence and pleasure in every area of your life.

Thanks for visiting our website!