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Hope for Your Tomorrow

By January 14, 2020September 9th, 2022No Comments

Hope for Your Tomorrow We all have hopes and dreams. What are yours? You can have hope for a better tomorrow,

regardless of the circumstances and adversity you and the world around you may be facing. God is waiting for Christians, like you, to unleash displays of His Kingdom in your family and city that will bring peace, safety, unity and godly stability.

This is what CYC is all about — mobilizing Christians to unleash the power of peace, changing their cities and nations around the world.


There’s a lot of change going on today. Not all people think alike about how to bring change and what changes need to take place. To some, change builds up; to others, change tears down — resulting in division, strife and destruction.

At CYC, here’s what we mean by change — being able to live life according to God’s intention that’s found in The Lord’s Prayer: Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).  This verse reveals that God desires you to experience the reality of heaven on earth!

Action will result as people’s hearts change. Imagine this change multiplied on a grand scale throughout your city. This is accomplished when Christians unleash the power of peace to change your city.

Can you dare to take God at His word? If so, join us and see the reality of the Kingdom of God manifested through peace, safety and unity in your family, neighborhood and city.


In the Hebrew language, peace means “nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken — completeness and wholeness.” This is a reality God wants you to live in, and you can!

Peace is a powerful spiritual force and a mighty weapon — it will change your city! Peace can calm any storm, tear down any dividing walls of hostility, and determine the outcome of any situation. This happens when Christians take a stand by speaking peace over their city.


We live in an unstable world where looting, killing and destroying are becoming commonplace — a world where people fear for their own safety and the safety of their homes, loved ones and businesses.

Be encouraged! God has made a way to turn your city and nation around, becoming places where people can live peaceable lives free from fear. To do so, God is waiting on you to take a stand and unleash the power of peace.


When Christians come together in unity, there is an outpouring of spiritual power into the world. Psalm 133 reveals that when this unity takes place, God pours out the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He also commands the blessing of His abundant life to manifest in our midst!

This will happen in your life and the life of your city when you join with other Christians praying CYC’s Prayer For Your City. That is why we ask you to speak out this prayer every day. Doing so unites you with Christians around the world who daily pray to unleash peace over their lives and city.

Jim Delong

Jim DeLong is the founder of Changing Your City. Read Jim's Full Bio