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About Changing Your City

Changing Your City is a board-governed, nonprofit/tax-exempt ministry. We’re dedicated to helping Christians increase their influence, as they unleash the spiritual power of peace that God has placed within them. Doing so will improve the quality of life where they live by turning cities, regions and nations back to God and His ways.

If you are concerned about the division, strife and violence that is eroding your country, there’s something you can do. You can:


Unleash the power of peace to change your city!

Imagine with me for a moment that Christians everywhere start unleashing Jesus’ peace over their city. We will see cities experience greater freedom, liberty and safety where people can live more satisfied, blessed and fulfilled lives.

How can this become a reality? It starts with each of us stepping out and praying peace over our cities, believing that what we do can make a difference!

This is what Changing Your City is all about!


Improving the quality of life in cities across nations by
encouraging God’s people to daily pray for peace.

Isn’t that what we all want for ourselves, our children and grandchildren: the freedom to live in peace – living lives of hope, safety and freedom from fear, oppression and tyranny? All it takes for us as Christians is to spend about 3 minutes a day praying for our cities. This is something simple and easy that we can all do.

You can start today by downloading our Prayer For Your City.



Vision Statement

Changing culture one prayer at a time.

Mission Statement

Mobilizing Christians to unleash the power of peace to change their city.


About Jim DeLong

Learn more about the founder of Changing Your City.

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