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What do you want to see changed in your life?


I’m Jim DeLong, the founder of Changing Your City. You were created to be a godly influence in the world. You can because God lives in you and is waiting to release His power through you, bringing peace, hope and safety to your family, neighbors and city. Take a few minutes to look around and you’ll find out that changing your city is as simple as 1-2-3!

Our Mission

We are called to mobilize Christians to unleash the power of peace to change their city.

There are many kinds of change. Changing Your City focuses on what Christians can do to turn their cities and nations back to God and His ways

What does Changing Your City mean by change?

Freedom to live life to the fullest – life God’s kind of way!

The assurance that our children and their children can be free from fear and oppression, and to live lives of Peace, Hope and Safety.


In the Old Testament peace means “nothing missing, nothing lacking – completeness and wholeness.”   Wow!


As Christians, hope is not wishful thinking; rather, our hope is in God, because with Him all things are possible.


Within you is the God-given ability to unleash the power of peace that results in increased  safety and security.

To see this become a reality in your life and city, get a free copy of our Prayer for Your City and join us today!


What would you say if there was something simple you can do to release the power of God in your city?

We’ve found there is!

It’s what we call The Power of 1!

God created and empowered you to make a difference! He’s looking for people to stand before Him for their city. Abraham, Moses, Esther and David are just a few examples of people who said yes and He’s hoping you will too!

He wants to use you too!

Just think, by taking only 3 minutes a day, you can unleash the power of peace to invade you and your family’s lives plus those in your neighborhood and city.

We all have hopes and dreams. What are yours? You can have hope for a better tomorrow,

Regardless of the circumstances and adversity you and the world around you may be facing, God is waiting for Christians, like you, to unleash displays of His Kingdom in your family and city that will bring peace, hope and safety.


where the Changing Your City Prayer is being prayed

Praying over your city
is as simple as 1-2-3!

Make the Decision
to pray peace daily over your family, neighbors and city.

Speak out
our Prayer For Your City.

to see change.

That’s all there is to it, but the results will be more than you can ask, think or imagine!

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